About us

Hearth & Haven is a metaphysical store based in Geelong that provides a haven for all esoteric practitioners of the pagan, witchcraft, and spiritual kin. Adopting the ancient practices of community gathering, Hearth & Haven is a supportive and nurturing space which fosters collaborative connection. Hearth & Haven endeavours to support small creators and makers, while understanding the importance of sourcing ethically and culturally sensitive products, which are combined with facilitated gatherings and workshops. It is through these that Hearth & Haven advocates for inclusion and diversity that are entrenched in the values of education, authentic connection, and self-empowered guidance, providing a place where metaphysical seekers can find belonging, purpose, and growth on their spiritual journey.

Our Story:

Growing up in the 90’s witchy era, founder Raeven Haigh always envisioned her own haven for all those outcasts and fringe dwellers, inspired by the witchy shops featured in cult classics like Practical Magic and The Craft. Growing up with her clairvoyant mother and other folklorically inclined practitioners in her youth, Raeven has understood from an early age the power of embracing the esoteric path. Originally from the arts and education space, these qualities form a large part of her practice which sees her walking alongside others on their paths, to embrace their intuition and connect with themselves.

Our Vision:

Hearth & Haven aims to create a community which is founded on belonging. In future, Raeven envisions a larger space that welcomes different practitioners to share their craft through workshops and consultations. This vision also includes a gathering space where food, drink and stories can be shared. Equally this encompasses the growth of her philosophy around ethical sourcing of products which supports both local makers and connects with indigenous practitioners internationally.

Our Values/Mission:

  • A holistic and multidimensional approach to the human experience, which empowers the soul through a reliance on its inner knowledge, intuitive discernment, compassionate guidance and through elevated consciousness.
  • Embracing diversity, acknowledging the rich tapestry of beliefs, cultures and practices that shape the world’s spiritual heritage and formulate a community of gathering.
  • Encouraging open-mindedness and understanding that fosters a community of inclusivity and respect.
  • Connection to nature which honours the interconnectedness of all life, promoting eco-conscious practice through ethical sourcing of products, supporting local creators and makers, and through cultural sensitivity.